More than just an accounting software

The Abacus ERP system was developed by the Swiss firm Abacus Research AG and has established itself especially for SMEs. The program is known for its flexibility and can be used across all industries. Digitalisation and contemporary applications are very important to Abacus, which is why the software is continuously being developed and expanded with new functions.


Due to the cloud-based software solution AbaWeb cooperative collaboration with regards to your accounting is made much easier. As an AbaWeb user you will have access to your data at all times and can work flexibly. You enjoy the advantage of not having to deal with issues such as maintenance, backup and updates since Pfister Treuhand AG takes care of it.


Abacus Features

In addition to the traditional accounting tools such as

  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll

Abacus offers various tools to simplify business processes, which can be used independently of or in addition to AbaWeb, such as:

  • AbaScan
    • Digitisation of paper invoices
    • Complete integration into accounting processes
    • Centralised and secured document storage
    • Legally compliant filing and storage
  • Electronic banking
    • Entering payments and sending of payment orders
    • Automated processing of payment orders
    • Automated booking of bank account movements
    • Interface to various banks
  • - AbaClik 3 (Smartphone App)
    • Scanning/Entering of expense receipts
    • Activity and expense recording
    • Process absences and staff mutations
    • Access to salary documents (e.g. payslip and salary statement)


  • MyAbacus
    • Access to salary documents (e.g. payslip and salary statement)
    • Data mutation
    • Working hours, activity and expense recording
  • Employer
    • Configurable evaluations
    • Access to working time recordings, absences, etc.
    • Approval of creditors/expenses
  • AbaNinja
    • Management of the financial accounting
    • Creating of fee quotes
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable and dunning process
  • Various solutions for specific industries
    • AbaBau               (Construction)
    • AbaImmo           (Real Estate)
    • AbaCare              (Homes and social institutions)
    • AbaGastro         (Gastronomy)